Ah well, sooner or later it brakes! I guess there are dozens of Pies with broken SD card sockets since it is known to be a weak spot…

The first attempt was to fix it as shown on http://raspi.tv/2012/how-to-fix-a-broken-sd-card-slot-on-your-raspberry-pi. This is good solution if you want to fix it rather quick.


A more durable repair is to replace the broken SD card socket.


Get rid of the broken socket. Unless you have a desoldering station, it’s best to cut the pins with a cutting plier before unsoldering the socket from the Pi.


A single spare socket – in most cases – is more expensive than a complete USB-to-SD-Adapter … weird… (don’t cut the pins this time…)





…and soldering the salvaged socket.


The Pi is working again! (Just in case you wonder about the piggyback… this is an arduino :))